30 Projects

Building 30 Projects to improve my ability to code, build and ship.

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Build a holder site for 30 Projects

Introduce 30 Projects and create a holder site to link & publicly share the projects (the site you're currently on).


Create an array cheatsheet

Create a web API reference sheet for Array's in JavaScript.


Solve Einstein's Riddle

I wanted to challenge myself to solve Einstein's Riddle, and then to create a website to test solutions of Einstein's Riddle.


Publish a Twitter bot

Create a Twitter bot that publishes a programming quote periodically.Uses Firebase cloud functions, cron, Auth0 and NodeJS.


Create an email newsletter

I have an American friend, who mentioned he would love to stay updated with each new project via email subscription. I thought it sounded like a great idea - so it became the next project!


Create a website pinger

Build and ship a Node script that can automatically ping all my websites, and email me the status update of my sites


Learn more TypeScript

Learning more advanced TypeScript features, and completing coding challenges by using those features.



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